Need some questions answered?

About the Game

Can i still make a normal head to head tip?

Yes, you can still make a normal tip as you would on any other tipping site.

Do I need to line tip to be part of the competition?

No. The astute tipster will not pick 9 line tips every week. The fall out can be damaging.

What is line tipping?

So what is line tipping? Put simply its a way to "even" up the game and make the tip harder

Is the I Tipped This tipping game a "fantasy footy" competition?

No, I Tipped This is an online web-based tipping game. Use your skill and football knowledge to select the outcome of all footy matches each week. What makes I Tipped This different is that all games have a risk reward component as part of the game. Unlike normal tipping competitions with I Tipped This if you have 1 bad tipping week you are not going to be out of the competition for the rest of the year.

What sets I Tipped This apart from other footy tipping games?

Our game takes into account your ability to not only predict match results (win, lose), but also allows you to be rewarded by selecting line tips.

Can we make further customised changes for hosted community or private leagues?

We are always looking to improve I Tipped This to make it both easier and more feature rich. The request would depend on the complexity and nature of the change required. If there is something you'd like us to consider contact us and we'll see what we can do.

Who is eligible to win the prizes?

All paid up members are eligible to win all weekly prizes. You are not entitled to prizes which maybe controlled separately within private competitions.

You will note the owners/admins of the site play also. We make this completely transparent by registering all our admins with "admin"

How do I know how well I'm doing and what I need to know?

Our system automatically calculates all the individual points tallies, league AND global standings for all players whatever league[s] they play in and gives everyone a personalised dynamic, real time performance home page with all their recent personal scores, outstanding rounds needing tipping and info they have yet to look at.

Can you remind me when my tips are due?

The system automatically generates "opt in" email reminders that you can manage from your "Profile" page. We also send out newsletters during the season and weekly reminders.

What can I do to help ensure your emails reach me?

Please add support@itippedthis.com as a friendly source of emails if you have spam filter software.

If you have not recieve emails from I Tipped This please first check your spam email folder and if you find our emails being directed there, remove them from your spam folder and update it to recognize us as a trusted/friendly source of emails.

How do I join up to play?

First you must register with us. This involves reading and accepting the terms & conditions and then signing up by providing certain registration information. To do this you will need a valid email address and you will need to choose a unique username and password, then pay the joining fee. We send you a player activation notice and reciept to the email address you provided. If you have any issues during the registration process please contact us at support@itippedthis.com and we will look into it.

About Playing the Game

How easy is I Tipped This to use?

We built this website with ease of use and simplicity in mind.

Once you are registered as a player you can set your "opt in" notification preferences e.g., whether to receive email reminders when the next round of fixtures is placed on the system.

Your personalised post login home page tells you a whole host of things about your performance and info┬┐ you will be interested in.

Otherwise, once you login, you simply click "Enter My Tips"' and input your tips for the coming fixtures and click save. You must always save your predictions, or they won't be valid. Remember, while game rounds are active, you can change your predictions as often as you like up to the deadline provided you always save them.

The player points scoring system is fully automated and, after each result is entered into the system, your updated standing is displayed in your league table along with your global position.

We have rollover pop-ups in many locations to help guide you around the web pages and give you other helpful tips and analysis.

How do I score points in I Tipped This?

Players either score -1, 0, 1 or 2 points per game, which gives a minimum and maximum per round of -9 to 18 point spread.

Normal tipping can apply ie. choose a winner for each game.

To make things more interesting however, you can take a chance to "double up" win 2 points on a game, if you select the correct line tip.

Each week we populate all games with a margin that we think the game will come to. So if Sydney and Hawthorn were playing and the line for the week was -14.5 in Hawthorns favour this means we think Hawthorn will win by MORE than 14 points.

You can choose to either select Hawthorn to win, sydney to win, hawthorn to win by 15 or more points or sydney to lose by UP TO 14 points.

If in this case you selected Hawthorn on the line, and hawthorn wins the game by 15 or more point then you get an extra point (2), if however Hathorn win by only 14 points or less or sydney win the game then you loose that pick and get a -1 score.

The margin for the line tips are based on evening the outcome of the game. So where a game may be very easy to pick a winner, the line margin evens out the odds and makes the selection much harder, hence the risk and reward for this style of tipping.

You can elect to tip as per normal tipping competitions, and can still be successful but, by using the line tipping in moderation you will have a much greater chance to win.

What are the tipping deadlines?

Due to the nature of the game and the possibilities that could alter the margin before a game, ie player left out etc, you can change your tip up until 10 minutes before each game. Of course you can just enter all your tips before the first game and set and forget for the week also.

How are winners determined?

The total number of points scored by a player determines the winner. At end of year if we still have a joint winner we will count back based on the following method to get to an individual winner.

How do I find out well I did?

Apart from the info on your post login home page, to find out the game by game nitty gritty, click on "My leagues" and then select any league you are in. That will show you how you are doing in your league and it will also give you your global ranking as well.

Then to find out the detail game by game of how well you have done in any given round, click on the "Tips & Results" tab and that will show the current and previous rounds results for all players in that league. You can print these off to share with your mates and frame for your office wall when you do well!!

How do I find out how well others did who aren't in my private league?

To see how other Players in other leagues have done click on the "My Leagues" tab, then click on the "Other leagues" tab and select any other league by clicking on the relevant competition and then click on the "Tips & Results" tab again.

Private/Community Leagues

Future Developments

What other competitions will you be running?

We are considering other sports such as ice hockey, gridiron, baseball etc., and will publish details of such in the future.

Can I Tipped This be accessed other ways than via the Internet?

There are proper mobile application coming however we can not confirm the date they will be available.